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Power to Numerical Algorithms!


AlgoDoers is in a great position to tackle some of the challenges highlighted by Lisa Su, the CEO of AMD, with regards to energy efficiency and mixed-precision computations, in her recent interview by IEEE Spectrum.

One of the main challenges facing the silicon technology industry today is the need for energy efficiency. Lisa Su highlighted this issue, where she emphasized the importance of reducing energy consumption while still achieving high-performance computing (HPC). AlgoDoers is well-positioned to address this challenge through their expertise in numerical software solutions. We develop synchronization-reducing and communication-reducing algorithms that are optimized for energy efficiency, allowing massively parallel systems to perform concurrent computational tasks using less power consumption.

Another challenge highlighted by Lisa Su is the need for mixed-precision computations. AlgoDoers addresses this challenge by developing numerical algorithms that utilize mixed-precision computations. By using lower precision calculations when possible, AlgoDoers leverages special hardware features (i.e., fast matrix engines) and reduces energy consumption while still achieving the required level of accuracy of the applications.

As the need for energy-efficient algorithms continues to grow, AlgoDoers will play a crucial role in advancing the HPC ecosystem by developing next-generation power-aware algorithms, while helping industrial partners embrace mixed-precision computations in their simulation workloads.

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